Leaflet: 261, Save yourself now! Don’...

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Produced 22 September 1949. 250,000 printed in Chinese. 50,000 printed in Tamil.

Public Announcement: No. 1658C – $500...

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Leaflet 1658C depicts a hand holding a stack of the red 1 July 1941 "Board of Commissioners and Currency" $10 bills that were in use

Leaflet: No.103, Smash the Communist Party

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Most theories on psychological warfare state clearly that depictions of dead or disfigured soldiers are contraindicated since it tends to make the enemy think that

Leaflet: You will be well treated…

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An all-text one-sided leaflet with bright red Chinese characters says: You will be well treated unless you have committed a serious offence such as murder

Leaflet: No 256 Now is the time to save you...

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Leaflet 256 is a very early all-text amnesty pass from September 1949 on white paper with a red border. It has been reported that of

Stamp: 30 cent Federation of Malaya

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                    This stamp shows a map of ‘Malaya’. It was issued on May 5, 1957. It

Currency: Malaya and British Borneo

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One dollar Malaya and British Borneo, 1st March 1969