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We are writing to share some exciting news about Malaysia Design Archive. Because you share our passion for visual culture, arts, design, history and politics, we hope you will similarly find excitement in this development.

What is MDA

Malaysia Design Archive (MDA) started with an idea: that art and design are not just about aesthetics, but carry meanings and values communicated in a particular space and time. We started collecting design artefacts through Malaysia’s history – from searching through antique flea markets, getting in touch with collectors to digging wide and deep online. We then categorised, analysed and shared them with the larger public, with the hope that we will begin a more critical engagement with design and how it is connected to our historical, social, cultural and political landscape.

Since we started in 2008, MDA has become the most comprehensive online digital repository on Malaysian visual culture. Scholars, designers, artists, and the general public come to the site for ideas, inspiration and critical reflection on how design is intricately linked with our evolving history.  All of this, we did with our own time, resources and a crazy amount of commitment.

From a digital to a physical space

We are now ready to take on the next step, and set up an open, collaborative, archiving centre in Kuala Lumpur. We envision the centre to be a space where designers, researchers, artists, kids and anyone interested in design and visual arts can walk in, find out more about visual culture and its intersection with politics and history, browse through the materials we have collected, learn archival skills, share their ideas, collections and knowledge, participate in workshops, talks and community activities, and organise related events – with the aim of deepening the interest in this area.

The Archive Collection

The MDA Design Centre is the first archive in South East Asia to house original works from the 1980s and 1990s by design gurus that shaped the visual culture in Malaysia and contemporary works by established younger designers from 2000s onwards. We will also develop collections on architecture, art, digital history, photography and publications in the near future.

We’re excited by both the support and potential of growing this collection into a significant resource that can be accessed and shared to create an open platform for collective critical engagement with visual culture.

Your support

To realise this big dream (to us, it feels really big!) – we need your support.

Join the MDA “We <3 Design & Art” network of members

This will go towards rent, possibly hiring a small team to keep MDA open 5-6 days a week, feeding our hardworking volunteers, pay for electricity and internet, purchasing proper archiving equipment, developing innovative educational programs as well as kickstarting our advocacy work to revise our national education syllabus on art and visual culture.

To help you decide, we have the following levels of membership that you can subscribe to and what you will receive in return:

  1. Geek: MYR 150/year (Students: MYR 100/year) and above
    Free access to MDA’s full digital archive
    Advance notice on events, programmes and activities.
    Invitation to geeks-only social tea-party
    Subscription to MDA’s annual zine
  2. Nerd: MYR 500/year and above
    All of the above, plus:
    Access to MDA’s restricted collection at the Centre
    Concession rate for Masterclass workshops
  3. Geng: MYR 2000/year and above
    All of the above, plus:
    Personalised guided tour through the archive.
    Free participation in one Masterclass workshop
  4. Kawan: MYR 5000/year and above
    All of the above, plus:
    1 reproduction from MDA’s restricted collection
    Free participation plus one guest in two Masterclass workshops
  5. Super Nerd: MYR 10,000/year and above
    All of the above, plus:
    Organise two events for free at MDA Centre.
    Special appreciation party for supernerds.
  6. One-off Donation: Any amount
    Your donation will be contributing to our rent (RM1100 per month),
    the maintaining of the space, equipment as well as the archive storage.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for considering our call for support. To contribute to any of the above, please click here or you could donate to us via PayPal.

We hugely appreciate your support in making MDA what it is so far, and recognise that it is through the work of different actors and supporters in this field that helps to grow the field of visual culture and also deepen our understanding of history in this country. We hope that you will share in our nervous excitement about this next step, and help us make it happen.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ezrena, Jac & Simon
The MDA team