Malaysia Design Archive would not be possible without the support of the following individuals. We hugely appreciate your support in making MDA what it is so far, and recognise that it is through the work of different actors and supporters in this field that helps to grow the field of visual culture and also deepen our understanding of history in this country.

Marina Mahathir
Valentine Willie and Karim Raslan

Ineza Roussille

Bryan Chang
Charis Loke 
Chia Mei Yeng
Fiona Lee
Khadijah Khalid

Cliff Leong
Dill Malik
Fidella Ch’ng

Lainie Yeoh
Low Hsin Yin
Muid Latif
Nicholas Chin
Nikki Liaw
Dr. Por Heong Hong
Sharon Chin

Tan Suehli
Tan Thye Shin
Qaleeda Talib
Zeejay Wong

Seed Donations
Kathy Rowland
Dr. Rachel Leow

** We would like to also acknowledge the support of The Alphabet Press (TAP) for sponsoring the printing of our membership cards. The letterpress is printed using a 1960s German press on 700gsm grey chipboard.

** The setup of Malaysia Design Archive’s centre at The Zhongshan Building at Kampung Attap is supported by Think City from July – October 2017.