Rites of Change: Artistic Responses to Rece...

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How have arts practitioners, broadly construed, responded to recent street protests in Kuala Lumpur? How do their engagements with protests constitute political interventions? Essay by Fiona Lee.

An Open Letter to Professor Emeritus Tan Sr...

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By Rachel Leow. First published in The Malaysian Insider, 15 April 2015. Dear Professor Khoo, You may not remember me and anyway, if you saw me today

Visibility as Power – Mascot, Logo, and I...

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Competing Visibilities (Part 2): Visibility as Power – Mascot, Logo, and Installation By Tan Zi Hao, 2013 To make oneself apparent is to demonstrate one’s

The Politics of Colour

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Competing Visibilities (Part 1) – The Politics of Colour By Tan Zi Hao, 2013 Protestors dressed in yellow, green, red, orange, and black for Himpunan

Unravelling the story of Graphic Design in ...

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A glimpse into the story of Graphic Design in Malaysia through the periods of colonialism, occupation and emergency. This article was written for Kuala Lumpur

The History of Malaysian Flag Design

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The history and design chronology of the Jalur Gemilang

The Old Wooden Church

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I am an old wooden church. You might even stroll past me without even a second glance. For if you look at me now, you

The forgotten women warriors of the Malayan...

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Adrianna Tan examines the case of the women warriors of the Malayan Communist Party.

Signages of Commerce in the 1800s : A Desig...

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The population in Malaya in the late 1800 was less than 10,000. Marketing of consumer product, branding and advertising were barely considered a concept or

An Influence of Colonial Architecture to Bu...

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The colonists had adopted their architectural styles in building modified to the climate context. These colonial buildings in Malaysia also have combinations of the styles