Thank you for your interest in Malaysian Design Archive. As you can see on the site, it’s an on-going archival project which attempts to trace and document the development of graphic design in Malaysian history. Hopefully through this, we are able to build up a valuable and useful design resource.

You can contribute to the project in terms of either submitting graphic design artifacts from the periods as identified, or in contributing a piece of analytical writing.

Graphic design artifacts can be  in 600 x 400 resolution or less than 6mb in size. As far as possible, please include these details:

  • A brief description of the design work
  • Title
  • Language
  • Designer
  • Type of Graphic
  • Printer
  • Publisher
  • Date
  • Dimensions
  • Technique
  • Source

If the item is part of your own collection, you will of course, be credited on the site (e.g. “From the private collection of …”, or “Contributed by …”).

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