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What is your experience of life in 2020/2021? Since this is a year of indescribable proportions, we at MDA are creating a collective 2020 time-capsule collection and COVID Pandemic collection- a series of artefacts and objects that you choose as speaking to, representing, or significant to your experience of this year.

We accept all sorts of digital materials for the digital archive – images, short audio files, Instagram filters, videos (TikTok/Skype/etc), memes, PDFs, etc.

Whether it’s a mask, a paperweight you stared at everyday while working from home, or even imaginations of Wawasan 2020, we welcome anything that describes 2020/2021 for you!

Don’t know where to start? Have a look at our online DIY Archive kit for ideas and inspiration.

*Name and email address are collected for internal record and would not be published (unless you agree so). And we definitely do not share your contact details with anyone.


MDA Submission Form


  • By submitting the form, you will grant Malaysia Design Archive the permission to disseminate, preserve, and use the content in connection with its educational and research mission. You retain ownership of and copyright in the material you share.
  • You may only submit material created entirely by you
  • All items contributed are made under the understanding that everything on this site follows a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
  • Malaysia Design Archive is not obligated to include your content in this project or preserve it in perpetuity. Decisions to decline submissions will adhere to the collection’s collecting guidelines.