Stamps : 1943 Japanese Occupation Stamp

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To commemorate the fall of Singapore & the birth of greater Japan. This stamp was produced.

Advertisement : Obasan

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Japanese screened mostly documentaries and propaganda films to encourage the locals to adopt the Japanese culture & morals.

Advertisement : Japanese Propaganda Movie

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Chinese Ad for a Japanese Propaganda movie, c. 1943.

Poster : Tentera Jepun Sudah Datang…

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The leaflet above was dropped by the Japanese in both the Malay and Chinese languages. It addresses the Malayans as “brethren” and asks that they

Administration Card: British Military Admin...

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British Military Administration card, 11860 kHz, 7.5 kW trasnmitter transferred by Japanese from Penang to Jurong.

Currency: 10 Dollars ‘Banana Money...

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Issued by the Japanese during their occupation of Malaya between 1942 and 1944. The front of this rare note features a tree bearing fruit, with