Poster : Tentera Jepun Sudah Datang…

The leaflet above was dropped by the Japanese in both the Malay and Chinese languages. It addresses the Malayans as “brethren” and asks that they inform on the British and Americans, It offers rewards for worthwhile intelligence. Some of the text in Malaya and Japanese is:

The Japanese Army is your friend unlike the foreign British and Americans. We are all of a common ancestry and are Asian brethren. As such, we have a common enemy in the British and Americans.

If you see any British or Americans, please capture or report them to the Japanese Army and do not let them escape. If you can transport them to the Japanese Army then do so.

The Japanese Army will not harm you and you will be paid a reward.

Signed: Japanese Army Commander.


Title: Tentera Jepun Sudah Datang…
Language: Malay, Chinese & Japanese
Designer: nil
Type of Graphic: Aerial Leaflet
Printer: nil

Publisher: nil
Date: 1940s
Dimensions: nil

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