Leaflet : I’ll get you for this

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1952 movie flyer for "I'll Get You for This" showing at Rex Theatre, Andersen Road, Ipoh.

Magazine Cover : Photo News Weekly

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Photo News Weekly, a pictorial publication during the Japanese Occupation.

Newspaper : Syonan Shimbun

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Syonan Times (Shimbun), an English newspaper published during the Japanese Occupation; the Syonan Times or Shimbun (abbreviated to SS) commenced publication on 20 February 2602

Magazine: The Straits Times Annual 1957

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On the cover, Maria Menado, a datuk, an actress and dubbed as the most beautiful woman in Malaya by Times Magazine. She is significant in

Signage: White Area

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A sign in Melacca dating from the emergency period in the 50s marking the edge of a ‘white’ or communist free area.

Advertisement: Pontianak Gua Musang

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1964 Advertisement for the release of ‘Pontianak Gua Musang’ (Source) – Title: Malay Film Productions Ltd. Language: English Designer: nil Type of Graphic: Advertisement Client:

Leaflet: Anak Pontianak

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1958 Chinese flyer for the movie ‘Anak Pontianak’ by Ramon Estella (Source) – Title: Anak Pontianak Language: Chinese Designer: nil Type of Graphic: Leaflet Client:

Magazine: Mastika – Menyambut Kelahir...

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Front and Back cover of 'Mastika' magazine.

Newspaper: The Times of Malaya

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The Times of Malaya: Planters and Miners Gazette was started by J I Philips in 1903, with a mission to further the mining, planting, and

Far East Buses: Bus Journeys Through Malaya...

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Photographic trail takes the reader from Singapore to almost the most northerly point in what was then correctly called Malaya.