Leaflet: You will be well treated…

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An all-text one-sided leaflet with bright red Chinese characters says: You will be well treated unless you have committed a serious offence such as murder

Leaflet: No 256 Now is the time to save you...

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Leaflet 256 is a very early all-text amnesty pass from September 1949 on white paper with a red border. It has been reported that of

Coupon: Malaya Ration Card

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As part of the British overall strategy of 'food denial' to control provisions and interdict supplies to the insurgents, this ration card was distributed and

Brochure: The Emergency Regulations

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The British Government printed a 4-page folded brochure entitled "Emergency Regulations are now in Force – How do they Affect You?". The back page offers

Scarf: Malaya-Singapore

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MALAYA- SINGAPORE - Super vintage rayon scarf dating from the 1950s and the old British Colonial Rule. The famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore is featured