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Traditional Trades and Foods of George Town

Feb 18, 2014Comments off2672 Views

Every trade and food has a unique story of how the founders migrated from their homelands in search of a better life.

Visual artifacts of Pudu Jail

Feb 17, 2014Comments off5272 Views

Pudu stands as an icon and important symbol of our design history.

Students in Resistance

Feb 17, 2014Comments off2127 Views

"Students in Resistance" is a newsletter published by students from University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNMC).

Cari Makan Project

Feb 16, 2014Comments off2129 Views

CariMakan is an urban narrative project by featuring stories of the people who make a living in this city.

Musika – Malaya’s Early Music S...

Jan 28, 2014Comments off4938 Views

Rediscover the groundbreaking artistes that had helped to shape the Malay musical heritage within the last century.

Royal Selangor

Dec 16, 2013Comments off1233 Views

A glimpse of Royal Selangor design history.

Kota Kita Newspaper

Jan 23, 2010Comments off2425 Views

A bi-annual newspaper on restoration of heritage shophouses of George Town.