Advertisement: Shell

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To commemorate the birth of a new nation, Shell published a book titled MALAYSIANS, published in Singapore in 1963. The book featured costumes and ceremonies in

Comic: Buaya Mati Dua Kali

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“Buaya Mati Dua Kali”, 1962 comic, published by Saudara Sinaran Berhad, Penang. – Title: Buaya Mati Dua Kali Language: Malay Designer: nil Type of Graphic:

Brochure: Malayan Railway

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1958 brochure "Services and Facilities Provided by Malayan Railway".

Luggage Label : Runnymede Hotel, Penang

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Luggage Label for Runnymede Hotel, Penang

Poster: Penang, Glorious Holidays Abroad

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Travel poster of Malaya printed in the 1935, designed and painted by Abdullah Ariff.

Postcard: 1940s Harper Gilfillan Van

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A 1940s postcard of Harper Gilfillan Van.

Postcard: Beach Street, Penang

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This is a sepia tone picture postcard of Penang, Malaysia. It shows a beautiful lively view of Beach Street (at the height of Che Em

Advertisement: Pat Po Sun

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1930s Pat Po Sun powder advertisement for children printed on small envelopes used by pharmacists.

Advertisement: Hercules Bicycle

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Hercules bicycle advertisement, Straits Times 1955.

Greeting Card: Christmas

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1950s Malayan Christmas Greeting Card – Title: Greetings Language: English Designer: nil Type of Graphic: Greeting Card Publisher: nil Printer: nil Date: 1950s Dimensions: 127mm