Poster: Visit Malaya

“Why not travel through Malaya between Singapore and Penang? The FMS Railways offer the best means of doing this at an attractive reduced first-class single fare of $20 (Straits) or £2.6.8 specially introduced for ‘through’ ocean passengers who should obtain concession voucher from the ship’s purser or agents, who will also supply gratis booklets containing particulars of the train service and of places of interest in this beautiful country. Day and night express trains. Dining cars, sleepers, bedding, electric fans. Lithographers Ltd, Singapore.” Major cities noted in image.

(Source – Boston Public Library)

Title: Visit Malaya
Language: English
Designer: nil
Type of Graphic: Poster
Lithographers Ltd., Singapore
Publisher: nil
Dimensions: 101.5cm x 64.6cm

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