Poster : Belajarlah! Pakailah! Sikho! Istem...

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1940s poster in Chinese and Malay to persuade fellow Malayans to adopt the Japanese culture.

Stamp: 1942 Japanese Occupation Stamp

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To commemorate the birth of greater Japan. A series of stamps was produced in Malaya, with the underlying theme of "rebirth".

Phillumeny: Kelantan Match Factory

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  – Title: Rain Proof Safety Matches Language: English Designer: nil Type of Graphic: Matchbox label Client: nil Publisher: Kelantan Match Factory Date: nil Dimensions:

Poster: Bright Future as a Police

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1950s poster in Chinese persuading citizens to join the police force.

Label: Kwong Yuen Lee

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Beautiful 1930's Firecracker label by Kwong Yuen Lee, Penang.

Souvenir Programme: Chinese Swimming Club

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1961, Chinese Swimming Club Penang souvenir programme. A fundraising event “Dollars for Songs” courtesy of the “Nightingale Melodians” and their vocalists, the Chinese Swimming Club

Magazine: Malayan Police Magazine

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Merry Christmas from the 1952 Police Force of Malaya.

Advertisement: Coca Cola

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Old Malayan Coca Cola advertisement. – Title: Untuk menjamu tetamu datang ke rumah, berilah Coca Cola Language: Malay Designer: nil Type of Graphic: Advertisement Printer:

Advertisement: Shell

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To commemorate the birth of a new nation, Shell published a book titled MALAYSIANS, published in Singapore in 1963. The book featured costumes and ceremonies in

Magazine: Dewan Masharakat

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Dewan Masharakat, a magazine focusing on knowledge and culture, was published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and first launched in September 1963.