Book Cover: New Method Malayan Readers

1952 “New Method Malayan Readers“, an English text book for Standard 3 students. During the Japanese occupation in Malaya, a set of the New Method Readers was smuggled, by underground channels, into the Singapore (Changi Prison) Internment Camp and was used surreptitiously in the Camp school. This new series, The New Malayan Readers, has been prepared as a result of the work done.

(Text taken from preface of the book)

Title: New Method Malayan Readers
Language: English
Illustrator: nil
Type of Graphic: Text Book
Printer: Robert Maclehose and Co Ltd, Great Britain
Publisher: Longmans

Date: 1952 (New Impression)
Dimensions: 122mm x 183mm
Technique: nil

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