Collector’s Card: Bombing of Malaya












A card from a large set that was released by Edito-Service S.A. in 1977 (also known as Atlas Editions Cards) and was available through mail subscription only. The card back is filled with a complete write-up about the subject featured on the front. This is card # 40-19 in the set and this card is part of the War in the Air Subset.

The story on the back is titled:  Interdicting Japanese supply lines. The caption below is found at the bottom of the card back and explains the picture shown on the card front:

Illustration: Devastation caused by RAF and USAAF bombers, Chumphon railyards, 1944.

Title: Bombing of Malaya
Language: English
Designer: nil

Type of Graphic: Collector’s Card

Client: nil
Publisher: Edito-Service

Printer: nil
Dimensions: 12 x 12.5 cm
Technique: nil

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