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Magazine: Variety Show

Dec 30, 2013Comments off3336 Views

1960 Variety Show programme book published by the Dondang Sayang Club.

Magazine: The Straits Times Annual 1963

Sep 13, 2013Comments off3456 Views

The Straits Times Annual publication covered various topics in Malaysia - political events, cultural history and tradition, arts and crafts, folklore, indigenous, economy and

Magazine: Pembina

Sep 09, 2013Comments off2796 Views

Magazine about education, news, politics, nationalism and the spirit of Merdeka. Cover shows a collage of the heads of the Malay sultanate states flanking Tuanku Abdul

Poster: UMNO-MCA Election Manifesto

Jul 27, 2013Comments off4274 Views

1952 UMNO-MCA Election manifesto. – Title: UMNO-MCA manifesto Language: Malay Designer: nil Type of Graphic: Poster Printer: Khee Meng Press, Kuala Lumpur Publisher: Chin Chee

Poster: Freedom of Worship

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1950s poster issued by Federation of Malaya Information Services on places of worship in Malaya. Main text on poster The Constitution of the Federation of

Poster: Peluang baik membuat duit! Hadiah $...

Jul 26, 2013Comments off2638 Views

                        1960 wanted poster issued by the Criminal Investigation Department. – Title: Peluang baik

Postcard: Tamil Beauty, Penang

Nov 01, 2012Comments off2775 Views

– Title: No 10, A Tamil Beauty, Penang Language: nil Designer/Painter: nil Type of Graphic: Postcard Client: nil Publisher: nil Printer: nil Date: 1910 Dimensions:

Voting Card: 1958 Parti Sosialis Rakyat

Feb 28, 2011Comments off2933 Views

1958 voting card for Parti Sosialis Rakyat

Voting Card: 1959 Parti Perikatan (Alliance...

Feb 28, 2011Comments off4032 Views

1959 voting card for Parti Perikatan (Alliance Party)

Collector’s Card: Bombing of Malaya

Jul 21, 2010Comments off2215 Views

A card from a large set that was released by Edito-Service S.A. in 1977 (also known as Atlas Editions Cards) and was available through mail