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Jan 17, 2017Comments off1 Views

We are writing to share some exciting news about Malaysia Design Archive. Because you share our passion for visual culture, arts, design, history and politics,

Apa Kata

Dec 29, 2015Comments off3292 Views

Who builds the nation? We are often celebrating the iconic father figures of the nation: Bapa Kemerdekaan, Bapa Pembangunan, Bapa Pemodenan and so on. We

Visual Arts | In Search for an Art Public

Oct 04, 2015Comments off4558 Views

This new visual arts section of Malaysia Design Archive is proudly done in collaboration with Ilham Gallery.

Bolehland : Political Memes of Chris Chew

Aug 17, 2015Comments off1507 Views

A collection of memes and political graphics designed by Chris Chew from 2008 to 2015.

Election Cereals

May 18, 2014Comments off267 Views

A pair of specially designed cereal boxes featuring the 2 main contenders for the highest office in Malaysia.


Mar 23, 2014Comments off6069 Views

Pangrok sulap merupakan sebuah kolektif yang berasal dari daerah Ranau di negeri Sabah.