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An Open Letter to Professor Emeritus Tan Sr...

Jun 19, 2015Comments off2349 Views

By Rachel Leow. First published in The Malaysian Insider, 15 April 2015. Dear Professor Khoo, You may not remember me and anyway, if you saw me today you probably wouldn’t recognise me. I was just a young student back then,

Dossier: The State Of Design In Malaysia

Apr 09, 2015Comments off4251 Views

The by-invitation roundtable discussion was chaired by Prof. Helmut Lueckenhausen and attended by board members of ico-D, Indigo Ambassadors, business and design educators, design associations and the executive committee members of wREGA. It is a discourse on

Unravelling the story of Graphic Design in ...

Feb 26, 2014Comments off13647 Views

A glimpse into the story of Graphic Design in Malaysia through the periods of colonialism, occupation and emergency. This article was written for Kuala Lumpur Design Week 2010.

Visibility as Power – Mascot, Logo, and I...

Feb 26, 2014Comments off5835 Views

Competing Visibilities (Part 2): Visibility as Power – Mascot, Logo, and Installation By Tan Zi Hao, 2013 To make oneself apparent is to demonstrate one’s prospect of power. Even a suggestive appearance of power is greater than

The Politics of Colour

Jul 22, 2013Comments off3220 Views

Competing Visibilities (Part 1) – The Politics of Colour By Tan Zi Hao, 2013 Protestors dressed in yellow, green, red, orange, and black for Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat #KL112, held on 12 January 2012. Photo credit: Colour

Code of Professional Conduct

Apr 09, 2013Comments off1157 Views

wREGA’s Code of Professional Conduct is a guide of professional practice for graphic design in Malaysia. It is an ethical standard which are accepted by all members of wREGA to instill integrity and to demonstrate respect of